a frontend designer


I try to listen to a lot of new music. And if I’m paying attention I can see bands in small San Francisco venues before they get too big. The problem has always been how do I know when they’re coming to town? Checking every band’s website for tour updates obviously won’t work and neither would poring over upcoming venue listings.

At the time I had this idea a few years there were some services that have started to address the problem. Bandsintown and Songkick seem to be the current leaders and I’ve found Songkick to be mostly adequate for my needs. But I’d still like to build a streamlined interface for it.

The interaction states of Roadee.

The homepage would consist only of a big input box to enter a band name. Auto-complete search results would appear and a simple ‘track’ button would appear. Clicking a band’s name would take you to their dedicated page. Clicking the ‘track’ that button would add that band to your Songkick list. Very quick and clean.

From what I can tell Songkick’s API supports this. Now I just have to build it. :)